All businesses should have security officers to protect their company’s assets, and personnel and employees are the most important of those assets. To have the best security around, hire Veteran Security Services to guard your business. We’ll always serve you with the utmost professionalism.

Rigorous Training Programs

The foundation of our armed security guard services is our rigorous training program. Because our officers undergo this training, you can have complete peace of mind that they will keep your staff and customers safe and secure in all situations. Our officers are Texas Department of Public Safety certified.

Armed Officers

In many situations, armed security guards can prevent dangerous situations with their presence alone. When necessity arises, however, our security guards can make decisions quickly while thinking on their feet. We offer trained security personnel who follow the standards of the Texas Department of Public Safety and always have their gun visible.

Patrol Officers

We also have armed security services in the form of mobile patrol officers. These types of security guards are commonly seen patrolling parking lots and their visibility can deter thieves before they strike. Our patrol vehicles have LED lights and bear the Veteran Security Services logo to announce the presence of our team and our protection.

Security Gate Guards

Any business with a front gate can benefit from an armed security guard who checks on drivers before they pass through the gates. Guards at these posts can also record details about vehicles and pedestrians who enter: a helpful resource if you need to investigate suspicious activity at a later date. These types of security guards can monitor reception desks, building lobbies, and residential gates as well.

No matter which of our security guard services you enlist, you should be eligible for a lower liability rate on your insurance. Our guards are mainly from a military background and very professional. If you want more security for your business in Houston, TX, contact us to see why we are the premier guard company in Texas.